Newsletter - 2024-05-04

I am currently tidying and typing this at 6 am. It is raining, but the light is okay to type in and I do not need to worry that I put the light on because only I am here. Everyone else is asleep, and I do not have to go in the garden.

Today I had this to finish and tidy, and also a talk to prepare for the carers group to which I belong. That will be presented at 4 pm over zoom, and I was going to wax lyrical to them about Star Wars too, May the Fourth and all, but I have been convinced by the sensible side of my psyche - yes, I do have one of those, though you may be surprised to hear it – and I have decided to talk about something else and just bring that in briefly. 

The day was going to end so well too,and then, like always, it crashed and burned. And I did not get the chance to go and pick up the thing that I so wanted. So now here I am, trying not to show it mattered, when once again, I am so bitterly disappointed. I tell myself it will all be okay in the morning. But I know that it will not.

So what, are you wondering, what do I have in store to amuse you, and console me with, this week – five rings, four walls, two teams, twenty-six years of magazines, two naked pedal extremities, a rebel with a cause, and almost fifty years of rule at the F.B.I. 

Lets start with ....

And so, swiftly, I retreat into the darkness. 

I am amazed, and delighted, that I have managed to find something for every day since I started to do this mad idea of a weekly newsletter, and without repeating (though I may well find out I have done this, on certain occasions, when I start working through the newsletters again.) 

I have found it to be great fun, and many of the dates I discovered have been added to my diary. Perhaps you have done that too? If not, then tell us, please, of dates that are in your diary, that you celebrate every year, and that we can feature in the future - of things that I do not know are even there, because they are from spheres in which I have no contact. 

I await to hear from you, of them....