Newsletter - 2024-05-18

So I hope you enjoyed last week`s little glimpse into how these newsletters are constructed? It was fun for me to do it that way, and who knows, it may [need to] be repeated in the future. 

My camping trip seems ages ago, but I feel a lot better now. Still have a few things to sort out internally but such are progressing, with outside assistance, and also some very good friends who are steering me back to normality, or what passes for it. 

So this week we have a complete newsletter that may be devoured in one sitting or savoured slowly through the week. Enjoy, and remember if you have any comments or additional information we would much appreciate you sharing. 

Lets start with a bang.  

And there I must close, having run a bit over time through doing two newsletters in one week. Hope you enjoyed the chaos. Have a great week, and normal service will be resumed next week, probably.....