Newsletter - 2024-06-29

Started earlier this week, then hit delays, and the sort of heat which is not good for man nor beast, though in my case nipper is both the man and the beast. If a dog can boil in twenty minutes you can imagine how little time it takes for a puppy, but we made it, somehow. 

Tonight we have lots of new cards for you, broadening your horizons. I am not an expert on these, so any additional info will be willingly accepted. We have managed to weave our web well though, and include a centenary collar, a beautiful bridge, a cross-country call, a flying foe (or friend?), a taken territory, somewhat of a segue, and a centenary competition.

Lets start with ...

and there you go, the weekend has just chimed itself into existence, and it is time to celebrate or to relax, whatever you most enjoy.