RB.11 - W.D. & H.O. Wills


RB.11 – The Cigarette Card Issues of W.D. & H.O. Wills Part I (revised) and Part II

Editor  – Edward Wharton-Tigar
Printer – not stated
Date of Completion – May 1948
Date of Publication – 1948
Limited Edition of -  400
Original cost – 8/6
Pages – 36
Illustrations – 28
Number of cards shown – 28 
Out of Print by – 

RB.11 cites that RB.12 (Taddy) 13 (Phillips) and 14 (Ogden) form the balance of the 1948 programme. The “Proposed 1949 programme” is "Nos 15 to 20 (order not fixed) - Carreras & Boguslavsky, Player, Wills III, Ogden`s “Tabs”, Mitchell & Smith, Ogden`s “Guinea Gold”. 


This appears in the covers

RB.11 listing

This is slightly smaller than in the Lambert and Butler booklet, I imagine that seeing that huge amount of work was a bit shocking. Now we just have Taddy Phillips and Ogden as confirmed booklets, plus five more. Only three of these would ever come to fruition, the Player, Wills Book III, and Ogden`s Guinea Gold. Ogdens "Tabs" did appear, kind of, for it became part of the Ogdens book. But sadly the other two which sound most useful,  Carreras and Boguslavsky, and Mitchell and Smith, were never made..