Current status: Active

The Lincolnshire Cigarette Card Club was formed in November 1994, and its aims were to promote the hobby of cigarette card collecting to collectors in the local area, whether these be long term collectors who frequently met together at fairs, or new members who might be encouraged to start collecting if they were introduced to the pleasures of cards.

We believe our first venue was the Poachers Inn, at Kirton Holme, near Boston, now The Poachers Country Hotel. If anyone can disprove this please do contact us. But we were definitely at this venue in 1996. At that time our meetings were held on a Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, and contained several dealers, a raffle, and an auction at 2pm. At that time the officials were Messrs. Aistrup and Dakin.

A great highlight of the same year was our co-hosting (along with the Humberside Branch) of the Cartophilic Society Annual Convention, which took place at The Lawns in Lincoln. Our Commemorative card for that event shows the Cathedral and the address is given as “at the Lawns” In fact, this was a misprint, it should have read “The Lawn”. This amazing building actually opened as the Lincoln Lunatic Asylum in 1820, and it was supposed to be one of the most humane, in fact within twenty years they could proudly state that no form of mechanical restraint was in use. In 1905 it was renamed the Lincoln Lunatic Hospital, becoming The Lawn Hospital in 1921. It closed in 1985, when the Council bought it to use as a venue for events, including our convention, until August 2016 when it removed the glasshouse and sold the rest of the premises for a new business headquarters, cafe, restaurant and theatre.

The Commemorative card for the convention is unusual because it has a double back, one side is for Lincoln Branch and the other side for Humberside. If you are wondering why, it was to reduce printing costs, as both these branches then issued the card, without the inscription, as half size, with a new front, without needing new artwork for the reverse.

Some time after that we moved just up the road to the “Ruddy Duck”, a popular restaurant and Freehouse in Great Fen Road, and we were there for some time; in fact we liked it so much we stayed on after the new proprietors changed the name to “Merrimans Lounge and Restaurant” in March 2008. Some of our members were actually old enough to remember this building as “The Aero Club”, a name which originated from its proximity to what is now the home `drome of The Boston Aero Club, but which was already an airfield when Sir Alan Cobham based there in the 1930s. We celebrate him with this super card, Carreras “Popular Personalities (Ovals), card number 18. Also look out for the album for ‘A Day on the Airway’, issued by Sarony, as it has a foreword by him; and the cards are very attractive too, showing a flight from Croydon to Amsterdam.

In 2012, we again hosted a Cartophilic Society Convention. It was rather rainy, but a success nonetheless, with almost 150 members turning out. We also had a voucher system in conjunction with the local paper, where readers would cut out the couppon and hand it in to receive free admission; this was very successful. Gordon Howsden won the Cartophilic Cup for “Britain in the Thirties (part one). He was also runner up with part two! He then announced he would not be raising his pen for a while, but hopes to return one day.

In April 2018 we co-hosted the Cartophilic Convention for the third time, this was at Lynnsport in Kings Lynn and our partners were the East Anglia Cigarette Card Club. We also agreed to provide free valuations to the general public and advice on any cards that their family had collected in the past, or that were found in attics etc.

Our meeting on October 6th 2018 was the first to take place at our brand new home, this being The Rugby Club, actually part of The Princess Royal Sports Arena in Boston, very close to our former home – in fact it was the next building on the left! Has any Cartophilic Branch re-located closer? However nothing else changed, all our meetings still started at 10 am, they still regularly featured at least one visiting dealer, with a range of cards, binders and pages, and we also continued to host our very popular auctions.

But sadly this was not a long term move, and we have now moved again, this time to The Kirton Leisure Centre, 31A Willington Road, Kirton, Boston, PE20 1EP. Strangely, again not too far, and very close to the Poachers Inn, at Kirton Holme, our original starting point!