Breaking Auction News

Submitted by barefootedsurf… on Tue, 03/01/2022 - 21:46

Just in case you were wondering about our recent sale here are the two most successful lots!

Lot 9 received the most bids, eight  - that was the heart shaped Cadbury Advert Card CAD-020.31, showing a young girl drinking cocoa. This was our Card of the Day on Valentine`s Day 

Lot 14 made the highest price at £200 - and that was the rare type card from Wills Waterloo, No.12, the Marquis of Anglesey, error card? It might have had a faint mark but it certainly did not put the bidders off. The estimate on that was just £120-140

These are just being packed up to send out to the successful bidders. And very well done to you.

Stay tuned for our next auction...!