Newsletter - 2021-10-08

Welcome to another week! And what a week it has been, with the end result being that we have a new form of newsletter on a newly redesigned website. Do let us know what you think...

So is anyone in the car park in Salisbury yet? Its just a few hours, so I bet some of you are already making sandwiches and finding flasks. Don’t forget there will only be vending machines on site to supply food, but there is a Waitrose not too far away and don’t forget to pick up a copy of their free weekly “Weekend” newspaper. If you like it, as I do, it is always available to read online starting weekly on Thursdays.

We hope you will stay in touch with us all through the weekend showing us what you are buying, bartering and selling by using the tag @Card_World and the hashtag #cartophily - and if you don’t have twitter, that`s ok, just email as we will be running a visitors experiences book throughout the weekend – and Twitterers are welcome to post on that too. 

By the way, if you buy anything really spectacular then why not consider uploading it to our forthcoming museum of cartophilic curiosities? More details about this will follow in due course. 

well as they say, things can only get better! Its been fun learning how to work this site, and many thanks to my ever patient teachers! pop back Monday and everything will be in place with all the reference codes....

And one day it will again look like last week`s - which is at

To bed now! You have a Convention to get to in the morning......

Carreras "Do You Know"