Newsletter - 2021-11-13

Welcome to another Saturday crossed off towards our approach to the festive season. Now if your club is having a Christmas event, dont forget to tell us. We know that many of you are still a bit unwilling to embrace such things, and with good reason, but getting together will raise your spirits and lift your hearts, and who says you need to be within two metres of each other to have a good time. So if you get an invite please do consider it. 

This week has been rather troublesome around these parts and I have been occupied with the tentative return to my own micro business. (Is there a smaller word than micro?) Suffice to say this is now back up and running, and hoping to keep going. On which note does anyone out there list on eBid? It sounds interesting, so drop us all the gen at  - which is also the address to reply to anything raised in this newsletter, send scans of cards and info, or any articles you would like to see featured, especially on those Christmas subjects, and also just to keep in touch with us. 

And now, before I fall asleep and dont suddenly awake with a jerk and think aargh newsletter, adieu! Hope you enjoyed it, and lets hope next week is easier! Until then, pleasant dreams, happy finds, and good companions to you all

for new readers, and anyone who wishes to re-read it, our last week`s newsletter is still visible at