Newsletter - 2021-11-20

Welcome to our last newsletter that is entirely inside the month of November. Time, as they say, marches on. I hope you have enjoyed these newsletters, that they have not been too full of military and transport, and that you have learned a few facts with which to impress new friends at your Christmas parties. 
Don`t forget to send us scans of your Christmas cards - we have had a few in already which we can`t wait to show you. The most important thing is that there is a good mixture of ages and subjects, tobacco and trade, so whatever you have, we would love to see it. And I will also be doing quite a bit of scanning to share with you the tales of Christmasses past from our magazine archives. 
But lets enjoy our final week before we start the festivities.....

Well time is drawing nigh and I must be done by midnight. Enjoy your weekend, and if you go to a card fair don`t forget to send us a report! 

Happy collecting, until next time and always, from us all at your Card-World

Almost forgot, if you forgot to read last week`s newsletter, it is still at