Newsletter - 2022-03-12

Welcome to another thrill packed newsletter! We are slowly getting somewhere with the way we want them to look as well, so there will not be long before we start to alter those which came before. With this in mind you will see a new addition to the front page over the weekend, in which we will tell you what is being updated and where.

We hope that you had a peaceful week, and that you took time to count your blessings. And lets start our journey into next week.

That`s all for tonight, and look it is being uploaded on time ! That`s pretty amazing for me, who rambles on with tweakings and insecurities long after midnight.

By the way if you missed last week`s edition it is still online at

Stay safe until next week from us all, and we will see you same time, same spot on the dial. Tune in then for our next edition.