Newsletter - 2022-04-30

Bit earlier than usual but I need to get an early night.

As do you, if you want to sniff out all those rarities and bargains tomorrow at our Annual Convention.

Don’t forget to bring your wants lists, and, if you can,  any surplus unwanted modern cards to donate to our swap table.

And hopefully I will see you there, though mummy did tell me before I put her to bed that she wants me to take her shopping at 10am.  Hopefully she will have forgotten this by the time she wakes up, but some things she remembers, all too well. 

And there I must close. A shorter newsletter than usual but watch out, there may be some pop-up specials coming live from the convention. 

And don`t forget to show and tell us all of your highlights throughout the day on twitter, using  #CartophilicConvention2022 and tagging in @Card_World