Newsletter - 2022-08-06

welcome to another week, and can you believe a whole year has gone by since we re-jigged this site. That ought to spur me on to getting on with that index, and to preventing the same old cards coming round on the conveyor belt....

Well I have to say this is yet another short newsletter, for I now have neither computer nor tablet. My vintage voltage has decided that enough is enough, and I am currently looking out for a tablet online, missed one this afternoon for £15, needed a bit of tinkering, but sounded fun, though I dont really want a basic black, even though what are known as "skins" are available in a variety of rather interesting designs. 

So lets close with many thanks to my phone, which I will repay by not groaning at the bill, and to the local library, which for now will, and must, suffice.

well we made it to the end and its still Saturday morning. I`ll nip back tonight and finish completely and get the codes done over the weekend.


See you next week