Newsletter - 2023-10-21

Ooh! Another Saturday, and another newsletter.

On which note we have just realised that we have been doing the diary for three years on this site, so what do you think? Is it getting stale? Would you like to try something a bit different? Let us know your ideas at 

Now this week has been less hectic, and more rainy. That somehow did not result in my getting the newsletter done in really quick time though! And here I am burning of the midnight oil all over again. And burning my leg, because I do not have a cushion under the chromebook and it seems to have a bit of an overheating problem. Is that the result of too much YouTube? 

Anyway this week I share with you .... a rather repugnant reptile, a terrifically talented typist, a curious creation conclusion, a barrel bearing beauty, a justly joyous jubilee, the magnificently moody mule, and a national Naval Name-day......

And there you go, we got there in time. Hope you liked it, hope you learned something, and hope you follow a few of those links in blue to expand your knowledge. And do tell us if you can add anything to our stories. 

Now you may notice that we have changed a few things. The main one of these is that the theme tile now comes first on the main page, and this has but one reason, it means that this tile is pushed out of place when tomorrow`s card loads at midnight, if for whatever reason I am not sitting there waiting. 

Anyway, off to bed you go now. See you all next week, and until then, happy collecting!