Newsletter - 2024-01-27

And onwards we speed, into a week that says farewell to January and waves a jaunty hello to February. Bulbs are popping up, everywhere, and I saw my first daffodils in flower on Monday, which, hopefully, the cold and wind has not yet laid to waste. 

This week I toyed with the idea of a big change, but time beat me, or rather lack of time. However I am investigating the idea, still. Watch this space. 

So this week we have several new cards that do not appear in the reference books, which is always a sign of my being pushed for time. Maybe I should not reveal my secrets so openly... There are also a few rather tenuous links, which makes things all the more fun.

Anyway let us start our journey, with 

And there you have it, just beat the bell for midnight. There is still a bit to add about our Boys Cinema Set, but that will be notified, when ready, in the "What`s New" box on our front page. 

And so goodnight, dear readers. See you all next week!  But if you have anything to add, correct, or just fancy a chat about cards, don`t forget our email is