Newsletter - 2024-03-02

So here we are, marching through the year, motor racing back on the radio, summer cannot be too far away, though you would never know it if you looked out of the window at the moment, for it is raining horrendously. 

Another hectic week, most of which was spent trying to get my canine companion to eat. He is showing his age now, and finicky about his food, he picks up the mince, almost immediately spits it out beside the dish, and walks away. However I am glad to say that after two days of refusals, of chicken and of mince, however small I cut it, today I managed to find something that he would eat, thanks to my walking up to Waitrose in the rain (or at least walking in the rain to the bus stop and walking back to the shop once I got off the bus.)

Thanks also to Lily`s Kitchen, who supplied what he ate. 

And maybe after a few days I can again introduce the mince, just to see what happens.....

So this week there has been a little progress on the Card Index and Gallery, and I have also, tonight, changed the double card, but not yet changed the description, of what was formerly John Player`s Egyptian Kings & Queens and Classical Deities (March 1912). It is now Cadet Sweets "The Conquest of Space" and you can see it at 

Other new cards are : 

Anonymous / Godfrey Phillips [tobacco : O/S : ] “Famous Footballers” (1936) -

Clevedon [trade : confectionery : UK] "Famous Footballers" (1961) -

Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada [tobacco : O/S : Canada] “Fishes of the World” (1904) -

Trucards [trade/commercial : cards : UK] "World War One" (1972) -

W.D. & H.O. Wills [tobacco : UK] "First Aid" - with clause (April 1913) -

And so, to this week`s newsletter - which includes vintage vending, a beautiful blonde, an Eastern Electric, Britannia Bridge, the Fosbury Flop, a Pulchritudinous Pearson and a Super Speedway......


Well I had better depart, I am running out of eyes. A few codes will be added tomorrow, but that is pretty much it. I am going to sit and listen to the motor racing now, with my eyes closed. 

Thanks for tuning in - and do come back next week!