Newsletter - 2022-05-13

Welcome to another week, when we hope to bring you some interesting, thought provoking, and fun things to take part in. Now there is a bit of a change this week as we are adding in some hashtags. This will let you join in with the event on social media, and, as always, please tag in @Card_World with everything you tweet related to cards, or collecting! 

Another change is that I discovered quite by accident, that there is an official way to code many of the early reference books, or more correctly the ones which have numbers for each set, so instead of my rather clunky P/, followed by the number, say 127, I should have been citing them as RB.17/127. These will, one day, all be changed, but hopefully by the next edition there might be a short piece written about the codes and what they stand for. 

well thats it, must go, falling asleep but we made it in good time tonight despite forgetting to scan one of the cards! Never mind it will be added asap. 

See you all next week, and happy collecting until then.