Newsletter - 2024-03-16

And so to another Saturday! Which is actually the eleventh of the year. Tine is definitely marching on. This week there are a great many centenaries to chat about, and the cards just flew into place – unlike some weeks when it gets to eleven pm and I am still phoning round looking for missing cards, or worse, still trying to find a subject. And that was very helpful because I spent four whole days waiting for my canine companion to come home from the vets when it closed that night. This should have given me about eight free hours every day, but it is impossible to do anything at such times apart from sit and stare at the phone and will it to ring - so long as it brings good news.

Not sure it is entirely good news, but he is sitting beside me, and we do not have to go back until Wednesday. 

So let us discover the stories of two trophies, a thief, a spanner, a flight, a strike, and a collision - or three!

Let us start with.....