Newsletter - 2024-04-06

Tonight, I somehow do bring you a newsletter - though there were times during the last week that I almost did not. However in the end it has been one of the things that has kept me going, and for that I am very grateful, for sadly my beloved buster, my canine companion for just over thirteen years, fell asleep forever, in my arms, on Tuesday morning, and was buried, on Wednesday morning, in the garden he so loved. So this is the first newsletter that I have ever written without one hand tickling him, or getting up to take him in the garden, give him a treat, or fetch him a drink, or a thousand other things that he continually demanded, and which I can honestly say, proudly, that I never ignored, whatever the weather, and whatever I was doing at the time. 

Life does this, gives us not so gentle reminders that we are all just passing through in other`s lives. We must appreciate this whilst we can, treat our fellow travellers kindly, and tell them, every chance we get, of how much they mean to us. Whilst we still can.

I shall never forget him, or his wonderful ways, and it will almost certainly be a long time before remembering these does not set me into floods of tears. Maybe that will happen always. Though my morning tarot card, on Friday, was the five of cups, which shows that though three cups are spilt, and life seems over, behind the figure there are two cups remaining full. You just need to be brave, and turn around, and see that there are still good things, instead of dwelling on the sad.

And without further ado, or leakage, to this week`s newsletter...

Time has run out, and I must close. Thank you for tuning in, and thank you for letting me ramble. Hug your dog, if you have one, before you go to bed. Think of getting one, if you do not.

I am on the fence with that one, but I do know there are 150 dogs waiting for a new owner at our local rehoming centre.

Because I looked... and may look again, when I am ready