Newsletter - 2024-04-20

Another newsletter, and it would be remiss of me not to say that I hope you manage to make it down to Salisbury and that you find the card of which you always dreamed, as well as, even more importantly, to meet up with your friends, and maybe even to see someone that you only know right now as an email address.

Cards may be why we go, but we also need the companionship and camaraderie, as well as the delight of finally finding a friend who shares your enthusiasm for the same sort of often obscure cards and cartophilic material. 

And if you do find something fabulous send us a photo, bearing in mind that it is way easier for us to show photos of cards than to remove people from it so we do not need to bother with the form filling nor the asking of permissions.

This week`s cards are an eclectic bunch, but also tinged with the prospect of more than a little adventure – the excitement of music, the thrill of wheels, the soaring sound of strings, a grand opening, a voyage on a tiny boat, and the thrill of following your favourite football team. I am not sure that Thursday’s card fits in, but I guess the prospect of going to war, and especially going overseas, must have been initially stirring for many young men in 1914, even if the reality turned out to be truly awful.

But let us start with the music…

And there I must depart, and you must go to sleep, even if only in order to be at full flow tomorrow for our annual card convention.

Is anyone waiting outside yet? Or are you at some strange location? And how far have you travelled? Do we have anyone who has flown to this country in order to attend? If so, to any of these things, do let us know. 

Don`t be late....!