Newsletter - 2024-06-15

Ooh, another Saturday, and this week I had more or less finished - with the card codes and write ups being in place by 4 p.m. on the Saturday. Not sure how that all happened, but jolly glad it did. The only things left to investigate in any large way is the link between Ely Brewery and A. & B .C. Gum, so watch the banners on the front page for news of that.

This week brings us to the half way stage of the year. It has flown past, and I am sure you will agree. Anyway I must not take up time with waffle if the intention is to finish on time - for once - so let me just say that this week`s box of delights include .... a young king, an old county, a feline fancy, a sweet star, time on our hands, a far out festival and the middlest day of them all. 

Lets start with

and so we must close, for another week.