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  • Amalgamated Tobacco "Football Clubs and Badges"

    what`s new

    27 November 2023
    Happy Lancashire Day to all our readers who hail from, or have some connection to those parts. And most of all to our North West Branch...

  • Winchester Solent Commemorative Card

    Regional Events

    * Sunday 3 December 
    Winchester & Solent
    - from 1.30 pm at Botley Market Hall SO32 2EA
    * Monday 4 December
    Northampton - 
    from 6pm until 9 pm at Weston Favell Parish Hall NN3 3EP

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27th November 2023
Thinking of Streamlining Your Collection?
I am currently buying Cigarette & Trade Card Types, Sets and Collections. Please Contact Oliver Cleaver on 07899 300405 or by email at olivercleaver@hotmail.co.uk
27th November 2023
Theme of the Week Solution
as we reveal our third clue card, here is how we got to this week`s theme....
26th November 2023
Loddon Auctions
catalogue for next sale 29th & 30th November plus 1st December.
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2nd December 2023
I am running late.. It is all this Christmas stuff, and I also had a day trip, to London, by train, and then there was that film on tv, again, which wasted an entire night. But it will work out and there will be a newsletter, or what passes for one, anyway. 

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