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  • A number of old books from the CSGB library.

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    Our Bookshop is open all hours, and offers secure payment facilities on our Tobacco and Trade Indexes, plus Handbooks. We also have titles devoted to one single issuer, or to the wonderful worlds of silks, laces, and leathers. 

  • 25 may

    What`s New .....

    can any reader identify any of the silks used on this tea cosy ? This being a card by Godfrey Phillips, I presume they would have also been their silks, but I cannot guarantee this to be the case...

  • A close-up of a selection of cigarette cards relating to flags and nations.

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A close-up of a selection of cigarette cards relating to flags and nations. Everyone can visit this website for free, as many times as they like. However joining The Cartophilic Society brings many extra benefits and privileges .....

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27th May 2024
Thinking of Streamlining Your Collection?
I am currently buying Cigarette & Trade Card Types, Sets and Collections. Contact Oliver Cleaver on 07899 300405    - or by email at olivercleaver@hotmail.co.uk
27th May 2024
JS Cards
Our updated website - www.cigarettecards.com - is now up and running, and we are continually adding new stock. Higher value cards are always wanted for purchase.
27th May 2024
Theme of the Week Solution
as we reveal the back of our third clue card, here`s how we got to this week`s theme....
Latest newsletter:
24th May 2024
So this week it will be another chance for you to follow the progress of a newsletter as it builds. Today, that being Monday, we have added the cards, the general text, and the card codes as far ahead as to Tuesday the 28th of May. 

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Every night, at about midnight, we pop in and display the front of a new card. You get till 8pm that night to test your card knowledge, just for fun. The cards on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are clues to the week`s theme, which provides the subject of the rest of the cards of the week. And if any reader would like to send us a jpeg scan of the front and the back of an unusual card which is relevant to that theme, or any information, please do - the email address is webmaster@card-world.co.uk And you can see all the cards of that week, plus read what we have discovered, or been told about them, in our weekly newsletter, which is uploaded, for all visitors to read, free of charge, every Saturday morning.
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Godfrey Phillips [tobacco : UK] "Prizes for Needlework" (1925) Un/25 -