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  • 2005 Convention Commemorative Card

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    Pack your wants lists, we`re on the road and heading to a place near you - 

    Saturday 2nd of July - MIDDLESEX BRANCH and LINCOLNSHIRE CLUB 


  • A560-195:  T.420 : RB118/86 [tobacco : OS] American Tobacco Company “Beauties (Playing Card Inset, Green Net Back) – green net being catalogued as version A (1900) two of spades/52

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    In other words, links to things that we are currently working on and updating, just so that you don`t have to hunt them out with your binoculars ! 

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A close-up of a selection of cigarette cards relating to flags and nations. Why not join us and benefit from our friendly and knowledgeable community!

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views from the regions here are the dates and locations of all our events. There is sure to be one near you, so why not pop along! We look forward to meeting you.

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27th June 2022
This week`s theme
Monday night again, and time to talk about another theme, as hinted at by our three cartophilic clue cards. This week we are looking over the net to Wimbledon which starts on Monday the 27th June and closes on Sunday the 10th of July. .
23rd June 2022
Our Latest Auction Catalogue
Cartophilic Society Postal Auction P.A. 580 – and this is to close on THURSDAY 30th JUNE 2022. Dont miss it!
23rd June 2022
Lockdales Auction
29 June, catalogue now online
Latest newsletter:
25th June 2022
Now we are getting to the point of repetition, or rather of my trying to avoid it, hence the sudden idea of the index and gallery. Which we will be doing a bit more on over the weekend

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C792-0260 : C130-13A : Ha.550 [tobacco : UK] Co-Operative Wholesale Society / C.W.S. “How to Do it” (1924) 24/25