Convention 2024

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of April - SALISBURY, WILTSHIRE
AGM poster

All change in the Card-World, for we now find ourselves off to  Salisbury in Wiltshire, on different days to those announced, and also a little later in the month than originally planned.

The full address of our new venue is Five Rivers Leisure Centre, Hulse Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 3NR.

Clicking the link on the name of the Leisure Centre will take you to a site where there are maps, and directions, etc

BREAKING NEWS -  if you are a Society Member we do still  have some dealer tables available, so check out the form in this month`s printed magazine. 

We have visited this beautiful Cathedral City before, for our 2021 Convention, and it was very popular.

This time round we thought we would give you a little Cartophilic Celebration of another local landmark, the Cathedral. And you will not be able to miss this one as it is the most visible sight in the area.

Carreras "Do You Know"

The Cathedral is beautifully depicted on this card from Carreras Ltd`s 1939 set of "Do You Know".

The card tells us that  "The Cathedral Church of St. Mary, at Salisbury, has the tallest medieval spire in England. It is 404 ft high, and its slender grace provides a landmark over miles of Wiltshire country."

It also tells us that though "Salisbury Cathedral was begun in 1220, and consecrated in 1258 ... the tower and spire were not completed until the 14th Century."


Wills Cathedrals2

Now there is one problem with the above, for the name of the Cathedral that they use is not strictly true. It ought to be "The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary" - which was told by W.D. & H.O. Wills on their truly beautiful set of "Cathedrals", issued six years before our above card in 1933. We featured another card from this set as our Card of the Day for December 14th, 2023 - where you will find a description of the set. 

ringtons then and now

Now this is something you may not see on your visit - though you can if you are staying on for a few days before or after our event, as it is included in their daily tours, which take place every day but Sunday.

And you do not even have to climb the tower for it is now housed on the ground floor. 

This is "Salisbury Cathedral Clock (1386) - the oldest surviving mechanical clock in England." as shown to us on card 14 of  Ringtons Tea`s "Then and Now".