Newsletter - 2023-11-04

So another chaotic week, yet the newsletter still gets done, not always on the stroke of midnight, but near as I can. 

On which note next week I am out two nights at the most amazing music concert of all time, one night of which is Friday. So the newsletter need to be done in a slightly different way. Or a very different way because it may make no sense at all. I am that excited. Already.

So this week may we present … a beautiful beast, a rebellious red, a basketball benefactor, a silent star, an unlucky uprising, a dastardly diamond, and some info on insignia ….  

and that is where I must leave you for this week. I have done most of the things I planned to, and it will be a different experience to sit and have a coffee and go to sleep, waking up, hopefully, just in time to load this into place on my mobile phone at midnight. 

See you tomorrow!