Newsletter - 2024-02-10

Well we can cross another week off our calendars now, though I hope you had a few things to celebrate within it? Even little things like seeing your first daffodils, and watching all the birds returning to the fields and gardens. Sometimes the little things are best of all, you know. 

Tonight`s newsletter is being brought to you with a lot of singing and humming because I am being entertained, and distracted, by Supertramp, a band from the 1970s who I like very much. They also appear on cards, and I will add one in here if I get time.

The card that everyone seeks, of course, is the 1980 European issue called "Pop Festival", which somehow managed to call Roger Hodgson "Bryan" Hodgson. It is not thought a corrected card was ever issued either. 

Now there were a few happenings that you may have missed this week in the newsfeeds, these include

  • The Card Index, with several new cards added, and  we are now back as far as the 28th of March 2022.
    The new cards include another Wills "Sports of All Nations" card, and Lamberts Tea "Sports and Games". And there is a curious error being investigated with Alexander Boguslavsky`s "Sporting Records" first series.

  • The Convention site for this year, where the poster is now uploaded, and there is also a link to maps and directions.

Anyway, enough of the past - let us step forward, and investigate tonight`s treasures..... starting with


And on that note I must depart, it grows late, and it is still raining, and I have yet to check my eBay wants list. Bought some cards this week as well, but they were a birthday present to myself and I had been looking at them for a while. 

I would be interested to hear from you if you have anything to add to these newsletters, which are not designed to be set in stone but to evolve eternally, perhaps even after I am gone, adding relevant and sometimes irreverent information that we glean from our travels and our magazines. 

The email, as always, is