Newsletter - 2024-03-30

Another week is slowly peeled off the calendar, and we wonder where it went. Or maybe we have a diary full of events which we can ponder over and relive when it is too wet to venture out?

I have bought a diary for most of my life, but it was only this year that I wrote so much within it, rather than writing dates and times and things I needed to remember on tiny slips of paper - and losing them.

As far as diaries, I am a "mid-year", which just means that I am nowhere near intelligent enough to be an "academic", that being the alternative name for a diary that starts in August. I am not sure why, but I think that Christmas and New Year has so much going on and things are usually not going well. However in August, nothing else is happening; I have time to sit with different coloured pencils, and write in all the dates that I preserve from year to year, and imagine I shall do forever, though some are unbearably sad, and always end in tears, and perhaps I ought have omitted them a long, long time ago.

To happy things, now, and quickly. 

This week we have a fine collection of unusual cards, several Centenaries, and even a date error. The subjects run through water, a double helping of air, a diamond, film, and a ghost, and end with perhaps the involvement of some kind of alien. 

So let us start with....

So there you are, I did manage to get a newsletter together, in between the continuous syringe feeding of poor buster, who is ailing fast, and will no longer eat by his own devices. However, not all is lost, in my mind, anyway, for he still wags his tail at other dogs, and enjoys his walks, of short duration. Maybe this will just continue, for ages yet. Or maybe it will not, and at that time everything will be forever altered, in more ways than one

I hope that your week went well, included some interesting finds, if not necessarily spectacular ones.

And most of all I hope that you are sorting out your wants lists and checking them with your cards, in time for our Annual Card Convention in Salisbury, which is on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of April - not too many weeks from now.....

Finally, if you have any comments, suggestions, enquiries, and thoughts, or can supply any additional information about any of the above, do email us - at