Newsletter - 2024-06-01

Well this was uploaded at midnight as a more or less complete newsletter - which is an unusual event these days. The halting block was the card codes, simply because the text is too small for me to read under artificial light. And I had an error of reading when I thought I had the wrong jockey all researched as our final card, but I turned out to be right. And it definitely helped that I picked wisely and there were only a few codes to add, most of the cards not appearing in our World or Trade Indexes at all. 

Today is the first of June, the mid point of the year. So I hope you have accomplished some of the things you resolved to by now, or have at least taken a single step towards them? And I hope you have all found something interesting to add to your collection, whether that be cards, or information? 

As far as tonight, well, what will we have, if I get a move on and stop waffling....? That will be drinks drunk, wrongs righted, lands saved, a star remembered, and an art-lover, strokes struck, and races run. 

Off we go....

And thus closes another week. Now we are in June, and, almost, apart from the rain outside, into Summer. 

If anyone has any summery thoughts about the newsletter, and suitable events to cover, just email us at 

Look forward to hearing from you.