Newsletter - 2024-05-11

Well this is the oddest newsletter that I have ever penned, apart from the one after "that concert" of course, when I was rendered quite unable to do anything at all for several days. It was so amazing. 

Now yesterday I was not in a good frame of mind, and I am still going to need a little bit of time to get straight (or what passes for it) but I have had several offers of assistance, so there will indeed be a newsletter this week. It is going to be slow, but it will arrive as soon as it can.

And so we shall continue. 

So my Friday feeling, of running away, and rashly declaring this our last card of the day, has been much lightened. I do love camping, even though I never book in advance,I have even been known to just turn up at a site and ask if they have space. And I did not even have a site booked, or even any idea of where to go, when I started typing this in the library at Beaconsfield, at about 1pm on Friday afternoon.

I still wish I was rolling on the floor with a little puppy whose only thought was to eat my shoelaces.

However I am much heartened by the fact that readers have offered support of scanning their cards and writing text on subjects of which I have no knowledge. And it would be churlish of me to refuse. 

So, perhaps in different, and more wonderful form, let the newsletters continue...