Convention archive

Here you will find how our Annual General Meeting grew to become a two day card fair.

We freely admit these are but bare bones, but they are at a point where we would really appreciate your help to start adding in material and memories. So if you know, or read any information that is not here, whether that is in vintage magazines, online, or anywhere else, please let us know – and if you have any archive material that you would be willing to scan for us. Many thanks in advance.

And let us all create an archive for future cartophilists to both enjoy, and be amazed at…

Saturday 18th March - LONDON
held at The Howard Hotel. This was the first Annual General meeting after we became a Limited Company  
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no trace of a 1943 Annual General Meeting has been found....   
Saturday 14th March - LONDON
held at The Howard Hotel
Saturday 26th April - LONDON
held at The Howard Hotel
March 16th - LONDON
Our first ever Annual General Meeting