Convention archive

This is our latest project, which will eventually tell the entire story of our Annual General Meeting, and the card fair that slowly grew to accompany it.

We freely admit these are but bare bones, but they are at a point where we would really appreciate your help to start adding in material and memories. So if you know, or read any information that is not here, whether that is in vintage magazines, online, or anywhere else, please let us know – and if you have any archive material that you would be willing to scan for us. Many thanks in advance.

And let us all create an archive for future cartophilists to both enjoy, and be amazed at…

Saturday 14th April - LONDON
1984 saw us back in London, but not at Caxton Hall. Instead we were at the Eccleston Hotel. 
Saturday 23rd April - LONDON
Our final trip to Caxton Hall
Saturday 17th April - BIRMINGHAM
The half page advertisement in the Cartophilic Notes and News magazine read that the Society’s 1982 Annual General Meeting was to be held at the Birmingham Centre Hotel in New Street, right opposit
Saturday 25th April - LONDON
Held in the York Hall of Caxton Hall. 
Saturday 26th April - BIRMINGHAM
This was held at the Friends Meeting House, in Bell Street 
Saturday 21st April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 22nd April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 23rd April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 24th April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 19th April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall