Convention archive

This is our latest project, which will eventually tell the entire story of our Annual General Meeting, and the card fair that slowly grew to accompany it.

We freely admit these are but bare bones, but they are at a point where we would really appreciate your help to start adding in material and memories. So if you know, or read any information that is not here, whether that is in vintage magazines, online, or anywhere else, please let us know – and if you have any archive material that you would be willing to scan for us. Many thanks in advance.

And let us all create an archive for future cartophilists to both enjoy, and be amazed at…

Saturday 11th April - LONDON
This was the last annual general meeting before the Cameric and Cartophilic combined to form The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain (In December 1964). It was held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 20th April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 8th April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 8th April - LONDON
The AGM took place at Caxton Hall at 2.30 p.m. under rather sombre circumstances as Our President Emeritus Mr. C. Glidden Osborne had passed away on January 15.
Saturday 2nd April - LONDON
A new age indeed, the dawning of the 1960s. And this date, the second of April, was the earliest day of the year that our Annual General Meeting or our Card Convention has ever been held.
Saturday 4th April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall  This event is reported to have been rather sparsely attended, with only about twenty members present, and that included the President and The Council. 
Saturday 12th April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 13th April - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall                
Saturday 7th April - LONDON
Held at Caxton Hall
Saturday 26th March - LONDON
held at Caxton Hall