Newsletter - 2024-02-24

So, dear readers, another newsletter hits the front page.

This week we have again been pressing on with the indexing, and have almost reached February 2022, but we were thwarted by a double of Wills First Aid Series. I do have a replacement card but will not fit it in tonight.

We also adjusted several cards, these being : 

the addition of

plus :

a better biography of I Rutter & Co. -

To be added over the weekend will be a lot of information about Olleschau, maybe even a blog, and also some very interesting research and photographs of those Garbaty Tarso tiles. 

But what of this week? Well we have a lost speedway, and too many lost movies - games old, and new - more than a glimpse of stocking - a baseball card that I have never seen before - and the story of the Hyde Park Hackneys. 

Lets start with .....

Oh, my apologies to all the early readers - I left you hanging without a word of goodbye. So here it is.

As always thanks for tuning in, and also thanks to everyone who sends in the smallest of contributions. They all make up the patchwork that I weave.

And if you want to contribute anything, the email, as always. is