Newsletter - 2024-07-06

As we change of the week, we also change of the government, and, rather excitingly, this year is a hundred years since the first ever Labour win. 

This week has been another hectic one, so this preamble is short. Though I may return, if time, once the rest is done. However this is another newsletter with some very interesting cards and subjects, and I have enjoyed writing it. And it encompasses a Coin, a Champion, a Capital, a Conflagration, a Cowboy, a Car, and a Combat. 

Lets start with ....

and as the clock chimes on the midnight hour I am all done.

It has rained pretty much all day today, which probably helped, as nobody wants to go out in that.

I also started early, and that is the real key to completing these newsletters, because if I get a fair enough proportion of it done over the weekend and first few days of the week, I do not have to panic quite so much on Friday night when I find there is no internet, or I have run out of battery as I worked beneath the cover of darkness. Also I was much assisted by my newly found basketball friend, who supplied all the game cards and a lot of the text as well.

But saying this I do really enjoy writing these newsletters, they take me to places I may never have discovered without, and I frequently find facts that amuse and astound me in pretty much equal measure. Coincidences too. The world out there is filled with those, and miracles too, if we have an open mind enough to allow them in. You should try it, as much as possible.

See you all next week!